June 23, 2012

FTC Disclosure & Affiliation

We receive compensation from some of the hosting companies we reviewed. By Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulation, it is our responsibility to disclose any relationship I have with a product or service provider when we write for them. So please note that:

  • We’re never paid to review a web hosting company or product. We invest our own time and money to review and test web hosting products and write the independent reviews with rating.
  • If I create a link to a web hosting product in a review, sometimes I may be paid with commission if you purchase the product. This kind of links are usually included in the articles but the articles are never written for the purpose of advertising.
  • No web hosting companies can influence the content, reviews and rating in this website.

Again, we help our visits find their best web hosting deals sincerely, by working hard in providing the best, fair and honest review. If you think our review works are helpful, please support us by buying web hosting products through our affiliate links.