September 16, 2012

WestHost Reviews

Whether you are the proud owner of a business or just an individual looking to start your own blog, you are going to need to purchase a web hosting plan in order to get your site up and running. Businesses with a lot of resources may run their own server; however, the vast majority will find the endeavor to be tedious and costly. More often than not, people turn to the services of a web hosting company to get run their website.

About Westhost

Since 1998, WestHost has been providing superior web hosting services. At the time, the Internet was still in its infancy. To be in the business that long and to have weathered all of the Internet’s passing trends is proof that WestHost is a reliable and trustworthy company. They truly love what they do and work hard to maintain their professional status.

WestHost is well known for their budget friendly hosting packages, reliable uptimes and fantastic customer support. It’s no wonder some of the biggest news outlets, photographers, bloggers, retailers and musicians choose WestHost for their hosting needs.

If you are going to compare WestHost with other providers, you will need to weigh all of the truly important factors. Choosing a web host is a careful process and to find a reliable and credible company.

Factors to consider include:

Price: Cost is always an important factor when choosing any product or service. But in the fiercely competitive field of web hosting, it is even more important. The most basic of packages are typically below $10 per month, some as little as $5. These plans will provide you with quality hosting without costing you an arm and a leg.

Uptime: When your website is down, be it for maintenance or repair, you lose money. While no basic hosting plan will provide you with 100% up time, it is important to ensure you choose a host that will guarantee your website will be up 99+% of the time.

Domain Limits: A number of web hosting companies offer a free domain with purchase and unlimited domain hosting. If you are looking to build multiple sites, this is an important factor.

User Friendly: For those who are new to web hosting, this is crucial. What good is a website if you cannot figure out how to get it going? Choosing a user friendly web host is key.

Bandwidth Limitations: In other words, the allotted amount of data which can be processed by the server in a given amount of time. For newer sites, this is usually not an issue. However, as your site grows and you receive more traffic, you will eventually need to address this issue. It is better to ensure your server can handle your potential growth beforehand.

Disk Space Limit: Every web hosting company places a limit on how much disk space an account can utilize. This is typically not an issue as most companies offer plenty of space, but you should still check to make sure before purchasing a package.

Available Hosting Plans

The services WestHost offers range from dedicated servers to shared hosting plans. Your needs will determine which of the two is the best choice. Small websites or personal blogs are perfect for shared hosting, as customers are provided with everything they need at an affordable price. For heavily trafficked sites or large corporations, dedicated or business hosting packages are the best choices.


When you take into consideration all of the above said factors, WestHost fits the bill for a reliable, quality web hosting company. Whether you run a global enterprise or are just looking to start your own blog, WestHost offers a solution that will fit your budget and needs. Their cost efficient plans, reliable service and superior customer support make WestHost a smart choice.

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