December 26, 2012

Eleven2 Reviews was founded and 2003, and today it currently offers shared, reseller and cloud server hosting plans. In addition to hosting they also offer domain registration. Although their headquarters are in Houston, Texas, they offer servers located in Singapore; London; Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas.

This article will review Eleven2 hosting in a number of areas. At the end I will give you a brief summary as well as the pros and cons of using his company for hosting.

The Sales Experience

When I was first researching this company I wanted to ask a few questions. Their web site offered me five different ways of contacting them for questions. So I used chat, and once I brought up the chat window I was speaking to a representative from the sales department within a few seconds. Happily, the representative was able to answer all my questions, and proceeded to let me know about an unadvertised special to give me a little incentive to sign up.


That gave me just the incentive I needed to purchase a small shared hosting plan with Eleven2. Within a few seconds of paying for the hosting plan I had an e-mail and invoice in my inbox. I had no problems at all getting logged in for the first time using the link in the e-mail to login to the control panel.


I never experienced any billing issues with Eleven2. I was always charged the amount I expected, and when I finally canceled my account about a year later, the process went quickly and smoothly.

Eleven2′s Pricing

Eleven2 smallest plan for shared hosting allows you to have 10 domain names, and gives you 10 gigabytes of storage space and an absurdly generous 50 GB of bandwidth. The monthly price for this plan works out to $4.95. However, this plan is only available with a yearly payment. Every other plan they have is available with monthly payments. However, I took the smallest plan because they were offering a discount on the first year, which worked out to less than $4.00 per month. Considering the generous resources available this is a very good deal.


During the time that I was with Eleven2 they kept my web sites up and running. In large part, this is due to CloudFlare, which is an optional but free service that makes your site performance and availability very reliable, and also adds additional security against hackers.

Quality of Support

You have a lot of choices for getting support. I’m not sure I can remember all the ways so I have to keep a list in front of me. You can get support by chat, e-mail, toll free telephone, forum and support ticket. Because I wanted to keep a record of their performance, I always used their support ticket system. These tickets were answered quite promptly: one within 10 minutes and three more within 20 minutes.


Although I felt quite confident about my sites’ availability, I used a third party site monitor as a matter of course. Happily, I never experienced any downtime according to the monitor.

Eleven2′s Guarantee

Eleven2 has two guarantees. They have a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and a 60 day money back guarantee.

Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

The terms of service are in line with what most hosting companies offer. Although they do nightly backups of their servers, the customer is responsible for backing up their site. You cannot engage in spamming, and you must stay within Federal, state and local laws. Your sites cannot contain libelous content or pornography.


Eleven2 has a wide variety of plans: shared, reseller and cloud servers. Their entry level plan allows multiple domains and has generous disk and bandwidth allowances. The support is very good in terms of their expertise, promptness and the number of ways to contact them. Cloudflare provides excellent availability, protection and speed optimization. There are multiple datacenters to choose from covering North America, Europe and Asia.


My one concern was that the entry level shared hosting plan was not available with monthly payments. I admit this almost stopped me from signing up. I ended up signing up anyway because they looked like a solid company and their hosting was a good deal for what I needed. That was a good decision.

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