November 15, 2012

ServerPronto Review

For the best prices in the dedicated server business, look no further than ServerPronto. While typical low-cost servers are often poor in quality, ServerPronto’s are top of the line and rich in features. Best of all, the price is absolutely incredible. ServerPronto provides its customers with reliable and speedy servers, which give them everything they could possibly need to run their site. It does not matter if you are using your server for email, photo sharing, web development or gaming; ServerPronto will provide you with an amazing experience.

The Most Budget Friendly Dedicated Server Host in the World

ServerPronto is proud to present their customers with the best prices on dedicated servers available. As far as setup fees and monthly pricing plans go, ServerPronto is the best there is. Add on their uptime guarantee and they become hard to beat. ServerPronto is relentless in their mission to offer the most competitive prices. Right now they are waiving the setup fee for customers who choose the quarterly billing option and offering 2 hour activation.

Customizing your server couldn’t be easier. You are given a slew of options, including: RAM, hard drive, operating system, Microsoft SQL, control panel (Debain, FreeBSD, CentOS, Fedora Core, Gentoo, OpenSUSE, Open BSD, Suse, RedHat Enterprise Linux 64 Bit, RedHat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu 64 Bit, Ubuntu, Windows 2003 64 Bit, Windows 2003, Windows 2003 Web, Windows 2003 Enterprise, Windows 2008 64 Bit, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 Web, Windows 2008 Enterprise), uptime guarantee, managed firewall, FTP backup space, port, extra IP addresses, voice support and bandwidth.

ServerPronto’s Connectivity Advantages:

  • Fault-tolerant Internet connectivity, Cisco core routers and BGP4 route advertisement
  • Power systems with numerous diesel generators and building-wide UPS systems
  • Tier 1 equipment onsite
  • Customer connection switches and distribution routers with GB speed

Uptime guarantee: 99.99%

ServerPronto has a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Their data centers consist of high-end hardware, and a fully redundant connection ensures customers have a reliable, high performance server. Connection is speedy and dependable. Each server has more than enough power to withstand any customer’s need.

Exceptional Multi-homed Bandwidth

ServerPronto makes use of the powerful Infolink network, which manages numerous redundant Tier 1 fiber-optic connections. Any bandwidth used is directed to the speediest carrier available using BGP4 technology. Servers have a 100Mbps direct connection with a full-duplex Ethernet port. Simply put, you will be provided with a dependable and speedy 100Mbps connection to numerous Tier 1 Internet backbones. Global enterprises, such as MSN, CNN and Yahoo, all use this type of connection for their websites.

Brand New Servers

ServerPronto’s servers are built to weather even the most challenging data center environments. Customers are also given a brand new server, something other dedicated server providers do not offer.

Round the Clock Support

A staff of active and experienced support specialists is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can reach a support team member through ServerPronto’s ticketing system or email. Response time is quick and support is both friendly and helpful. Those with complicated issues can seek help from ServerPronto’s expert technicians.

Award Winning

Multiple Top 10 Dedicated Server Awards have been given to ServerPronto for their superior performance and value.

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