November 3, 2012

HostPapa Review

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Individuals searching for an environmentally friendly web hosting company should look no further than HostPapa. With offices in Ontario, Canada and Niagara Falls, NY, HostPapa is one of the first companies in the web hosting industry to make a public commitment to going green. Every single one of the company’s devices, including servers, lighting and telephones, are powered by clean, renewable energy. Each year HostPapa uses a third party to audit their energy consumption. Equal amounts of energy generated by a wind farm are purchased and sent back to the grid.

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As one of the first web hosting companies to implement a clean energy policy, HostPapa has become a forerunner in the effort to establish more environmentally friendly web hosting companies. HostPapa proudly serves over 50,000 satisfied customers and offers its clients a free domain for life. Their affordable hosting plans make them a wise choice for those concerned with their budget. Because their data centers are located in Toronto, Canada, HostPapa is able to provide speedy connections while maintaining lower costs than US based hosting companies.

HostPapa Quick Facts

  • Established in 1995
  • More than 15,000 hosted domains
  • All servers are owned by HostPapa
  • cPanel control panel
  • Data center located in Toronto, Canada
  • Office in Ontario, Canada
  • Fantastico Deluxe application installer

HostPapa specializes in shared web hosting, and offers its clients the standard features they’ve come to expect, including: unlimited bandwidth, domain hosting and disk space.

HostPapa Client Experience

We set up a test site on a HostPapa server and found the uptime and speed to be fantastic. The easy to use cpanel made setup and maintenance a breeze. Fantastico Deluxe allows for the installation of numerous applications, including Wikis, blogs and shopping carts.

The accommodating technical staff at HostPapa is available to help clients install or upgrade popular applications, including b2evolution.

During our test run, we were able to carry out 5 FTP uploads simultaneously, ensuring that site maintenance and updates are simple and easy.

HostPapa 100% Green Energy Web Hosting

HostPapa Technical Specifications

  • PHP 5.2.45+
  • MySQL 5.0.45+
  • Supports mbstring and UTF-8

HostPapa Security

HostPapa has implemented suPHP for security and isolates user accounts. Overall, security is good, even though SFTP is unavailable.

HostPapa Features

HostPapa offers the standard unlimited bandwidth, disk space and domain hosting, 24/7 support and 30 day money back guarantee that customers have come to expect. HostPapa has also implemented the wildly popular cPanel onto their servers. The company also offers a few unique features that rival companies do not. These include:

A Free Domain for Life: HostPapa renews its client’s domains for free each year, regardless of whether it is a new or old domain. Clients can save money on renewals and no longer have to deal with domain registrars each year.

Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting: HostPapa was one of the first companies to commit to going “green.” Their entire company is powered by clean, green energy. Other companies saw the benefit and began to follow suit. HostPapa has paved the way for environmentally friendly hosting and may soon make it an industry standard. The company is also active with environmental groups. When GoDaddy’s CEO maliciously hunted an African elephant, HostPapa turned the tragic event into a positive by offering a sale which benefited the “Save the Elephants” charity. After receiving 10,000 “likes” on Facebook and in honor of Earth Day, the company planted 10,000 trees.

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Affordable Mobile Accommodation: It’s easy and affordable to make your website smartphone friendly with HostPapa. Clients can try the service free for 30 days and will be given 2 months for free after they signup. Afterward, the cost is just $5 per month with a 12 month commitment. Compared to other mobile developers, this is a great deal and will save website owners a lot of money. If a website receives mostly mobile traffic, this is an especially good deal.

Advantages of HostPapa

  • Affordability: With a three year deal, hosting is $4.95 per month or less.
  • Green Web Host: HostPapa uses 100% renewable, clean energy. This is ideal for those concerned about their impact on the environment.
  • Dependable: Data centers are all owned by HostPapa and they take the security of their centers very seriously. Fire-suppression systems, fault protection, redundant power generation, climate and temperature controls and backup generators are all in place.
  • Perks: HostPapa offers its clients quite a few special bonuses for signing up. This includes a $25 ad credit for Yahoo!, Miva and Google; a $50 ad credit for’s sponsored listings and $20 to use on Bidvertistor’s ad network. This equals $145 in credits!
  • Straightforward Hosting: Hostpapa offers a stress free sign up process that even those new to web hosting can understand.

HostPapa Disadvantages

Lengthy Commitment Periods: All hosting purchased through HostPapa is done on a yearly basis. Quotes are advertised as monthly rates, but they are all contingent upon a 1, 2 or 3 year contract. A 3 year commitment still costs $5.95 per month, which is easily matched by competitors with comparable services that do not require a multi-year contract.

One Size Fits All Plan: Even though HostPapa offers reliable hosting, they do not provide their clients with a way to upgrade their server’s power. Virtual private servers and dedicated servers are also unavailable, so those who currently need them or plan to in the future should probably avoid HostPapa.

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Outdated Templates: HostPapa’s Soholaunch templates may be free, but they are far from attractive. More often than not, clients choose to use templates for the more popular content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. However, there are so many free, well designed templates available with no hosting commitment. This feature is hardly considered a perk of being a HostPapa client.

HostPapa’s Reliability and Uptime

HostPapa has maintained 99.98% uptime since June 2007. Without a doubt, this is an incredible feat. There were many months where the uptime was 100%.

No matter how you look at it, HostPapa is a wonderfully reliable company that offers competitive services. Not only have they surpassed the 50,000 customer mark, but they are also continuing to open new locations all over the world. One of the more appealing factors of HostPapa is their commitment to remaining a green company and actively participating in environmental causes. Their progressive and healthy attitude reflects the company’s professionalism. A quick online search reveals a multitude of positive comments from HostPapa clients. In such a competitive field, this is a true rarity.

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