September 16, 2012

SingleHop Review

Singlehop was established in 2006, and has grown into one of the more reputable hosting providers. SingleHop runs more than 5000 servers, with customers across 100 countries globally. Being an auxiliary of a company called MidPhase that boasts of a staggering 80,000 customers, SingleHop has fast become a leading brand in the web hosting market. SingleHop is also a certified BBB member.

SingleHop Strengths

  • Guaranteed support since it is available everyday all year round
  • One hour free hardware replacement
  • LEAP complete server control from any part of the world you access it from.
  • 100Mbps port available on every single server
  • Variety of hosting options
  • Easy to get do to and ultimately get down to using it
  • Use of brand hardware solely

SingleHop Weakness

  • Shared Hosting is not available

Server Management

SingleHop offers their customers a ground-breaking system with which to manage their servers. LEAP control panel allows gives users the luxury to access to the server from any part of the world at any time. LEAP has an in-built SSH and desktop client that lets users control multiple servers. It also has integrated support, tickets history function, billing function, reboot facility, server store, as well as many other features. Users can also access their servers from remote locations using their cell phones or iPads. Using the LEAP toolbar allows for faster access from any browser.

Software Options

There are quite a number of software options available with SingleHop, some of which include;

  • Debian
  • CentO
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003

Pricing Options

For a dedicated server, the price range is between $100 and $300 for an unmanaged server, while managed servers cost a little more at roughly $150 to $370.

Customer Care and Support

It is impossible to run a successful online business, especially one that has its base on multiple dedicated servers, without effective support. There are bound to be issues arising that need to be quickly addressed and resolved. SingleHop values your business, and that is why they offer fantastic, professional customer care and support.

SingleHop Data Center

SingleHop’s data center is situated in Chicago, which has established itself as a leading data center hub. They have invested in state of the art infrastructure as well as made data security a high priority. To make sure they never go offline due to power interruptions SingleHop have invested in state of the art diesel powered generators on standby at their IBX center in Chicago.

SingleHop Extras

Anyone purchasing a server with at least a dual processor, space of 250GB and 10TB bandwidth or more is eligible to get the following amazing offers:

  • Free Global Signed 1-5 years SSL certificates that include Wild Cards ($600 value)
  • Complimentary Risoft Agent Software ($600 value)
  • Complimentary Yahoo & MySpace Advertising Credits ($75 value)
  • LEAP Mobile – Control Your Server From Your Phone or Ipad
  • LEAP Widget -Allows you fast management of servers that allows use of widgets on different platforms.
  • LEAP Webtop -complete Features Suite for maximum Server Control

SingleHop: Perfect for Business

SingleHop has been named by WebHostingTop as one of the leading dedicated hosting providers. Apart from working with well known companies such as JustHost, Greengeeks and several others, SingleHost continue to receive positive feedback from clients all over the world.

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