November 3, 2012

BigCommerce Reviews & Coupons

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BigCommerce provides a lot of features that help you build, manage and promote your eCommerce website. The features provided on this eCommerce platform make the entire process very simple and easy to use. To start with, BigCommerce provides you with 96 templates which you can use to design your storefront. Even though this number of templates might be smaller than that being offered by some other platforms, it is important to note the quality. The quality of templates and design offered by BigCommerce is exceptional, and will lend a professional appearance to your storefront. The designs in the template can be tweaked to add your own logo and specific designs.

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Main Features of BigCommerce

  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Mobile Templates
  • Integration With Facebook
  • Integration With eBay
  • Integration With Amazon
  • Product Syndication Like Google Product Search, Next Tag, and Shopzilla
  • Allows Gift Certificates
  • Lets Users Create Wish Lists
  • Allows Management of Returned Goods
  • Allows Management of Customers and Orders
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Simple to Administer
  • Impressive Uptime and Reliable Hosting
  • Professional & Attractive Templates

BigCommerce allows the integration of your website with Google Website Optimizer to test and optimize the content on your website. This platform also provides you with tools to automatically generate optimized ads for use with Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing. These features allow you to create your eCommerce site in a way that results in the highest possible conversion rates.

Advantages of Signing Up with BigCommerce

  • BigCommerce provides a simple interface which makes the day to day managing of the website very simple and comfortable.
  • The platform is inherently search engine friendly giving your website an instant boost with the search engines.
  • BigCommerce provides integration options with MailChimp, iContact, iDevAffiliate, oLark and other third party software through a flexible and powerful API.

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How Do Automated Returns Work?

This platform lets you implement a streamlined returns system which reduces the headaches for you and your customers. You have the option to enable or disable returns on products based on the reasons provided by the customer.

Payment Gateways Support in BigCommerce

BigCommerce supports all the commonly used payment gateways like PayPal,, Payleap, eWay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout and others. Implementation of any of these gateways in BigCommerce is a snap and you can get everything up and running really quickly.

Shipping Providers Supported by BigCommerce

Just like with the payment gateways, BigCommerce provides seamless integration with the most commonly used shipping services like USPS, UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post and other popular shipping companies.

Security Features in BigCommerce

BigCommerce takes the security of your store and your customers very seriously and takes adequate steps for protection. It provides a 128 bit SSL certificate, denial of service protection, disaster and recovery support, hardware firewalls and a network intrusion detection system to safeguard your website and your customers’ information.

Ease of Setting Up Your Account

BigCommerce has a very simple and straightforward process to set your account up. The platform literally walks you through the setup process and complete all the steps involved and before you know your site is up and running. The only part in the process where your might spend some extra time is when trying to decide on the template to choose for your site. Having to choose from so many amazing templates can be a difficult task but you’ll agree that it is a good problem to have.

Platform Usability

BigCommerce offers a simple interface which makes operating this software very easy and straightforward. The tools required to manage this platform are easy to understand and don’t need any technical knowledge to be used.

Customer Service & Support

BigCommerce provides you with a large collection of training videos which cover every imaginable topic. This provides you with any assistance that you might need to make the most of the features offered by the platform, Even though BigCommerce doesn’t provide live chat support, it isn’t really missed due to the quality of these training videos.

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If you are still trying to decide on an eCommerce platform, BigCommerce is a pretty safe bet. It offers great tools and features that let you set your eCommerce store quickly. More importantly, the platform makes it super easy to manage your store as it grows in popularity and sales.

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